About Us
The Goal of the BAYFL...


To help youngsters develop citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well being through sports. To help youngsters learn their own strengths & weaknesses, the meanings of sportsmanship and cooperation, the essence of competition, and the qualities that constitute effective leadership.

The Bay Area Youth Football League (BAYFL) is a non-profit, parent/volunteer run organization offering an equal opportunity to play for all children between the ages of 10-13 years old. Our league was created by Jerry Dunham back in 1995 and our goal is to create opportunities for all skill levels to learn the proper way to play the game, exhibit good sportsmanship, have fun, make new friends, and experience personal and team successes. 

Futhermore, BAYFL's objective is to develop big league young men and women not big league ball players. We emphasize children having fun while playing competitive football. Parents are encouraged to cheer for all players, not just their child. 

BAYFL wants all the children to enjoy their footbal experience! So forget the "big win" and concentrate on the sportsmanship, fundamentals, individual and team building experiences and most importantly...having fun!