Recognition... the reward for past champions of the league. As seen below we have had many team and players throughout the region participate in our league and come out on top after a hard fought year on the field. Congratulations to all those previous teams who were able to come out on top, which include:

Year Champion
1995 Pinconning Packers
1996 Auburn Jaycees
1997 Auburn Pat & Jerry's
1998 Pinconning Packers
1999 South End Wolves
2000 Auburn Pat & Jerry's
2001 Pinconning Packers
2002 Southwest Lions
2003 Pinconning Packers
2004 Auburn Warriors
2005 Essexville Panthers
2006 Essexville Panthers
2007 Auburn Warriors
2008* South End Wolves 
Auburn Warriors
2009 Auburn Warriors
2010 South End Wolves
2011 Southwest Lions
2012 Auburn Warriors
2013 Southwest Lions
2014 Auburn Warriors
2015 Essexville Panthers
2016 South End Wolves
2017 South End Wolves
2018 Bangor Wildcats
2019 Essexville Panthers
2020 COVID-19

*Denotes co-champions